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Are Concession Trailers the Future of Catering and Food

Future of Catering and Food :

Americans have always had a sweet spot for food trucks and trailers, and with time, this has grown into something much bigger. Nowadays, you can find food concession trailers pretty much anywhere. If you’re looking for a food concession trailer in Michigan, then you’re in luck! At Nagel’s Foods, we offer several food concessions Michigan, which can be customized in ways that fit the theme and style of your event perfectly!

Why Hire Us for Food Concession Trailer in Michigan?

We’ve been around for many years now; hence, it’s safe to say that we’re experts at what we do. We strongly believe that your event deserves the best possible catering service and we provide just that! From weddings to corporate events, we offer our food trailers for all!

Food Concession Trailer Future of Catering and Food .Here’s a list of different types of events for which you can hire us:

  • Music festivals
  • Family reunions
  • County and state fairs
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Community events
  • School functions
  • Corporate events
  • Professional meetings

Please note that this is a list of the most common types of events. However, if you’re hosting an event that isn’t included in the list above, fret not, as we can provide customizable services for any sort of event you may wish to host!

Types of Food Concessions Michigan Offered by Us

With our decades of experience in the mobile food business, we have mastered the art of providing mouthwatering delicacies at extremely affordable prices!

Here’s a list of food concessions Michigan offered by us:

1. Elephant Ears Food Concession Stand

At this stand, you get exquisitely sweet dessert items. This amazing stand is bound to make all your attendees feel delighted with glee and the prices for our services are just the cherry on top!

We offer:

  • Funnel cakes
  • Snickers on a stick
  • Deep-fried Oreos

2. Sausage Trailer

As Americans, we all love a good hot dog any day! With this stand, we offer unique variations of a traditional sandwich, which taste absolutely sensational!

We offer:

  • Polish sausage sandwiches with green onions and green peppers in a soft pub-style roll
  • Italian sausage sandwiches
  • Regular and foot-long hot dogs
  • French fries
  • Ice cold drink

3. Pizza Food STAND

Pizza is now a worldwide phenomenon! From kids to adults, everyone enjoys a slice of the gooey cheesy goodness. Our pizzas taste so good that it would blow the taste buds of all your guests! Along with this, we also serve pretzels with cheese.

4. Lemonade Drink Concession Stand

This stand is a must for all events! We offer chilled lemonade, which is the perfect drink for any event. A glass of our refreshing lemonade will reenergize your crowd instantly!

Now that you know all about our services, let’s talk about the growth and what the future for concession trailers looks like.

The Beginning of Food Concession

Concession trailers have been around for several decades now. If we take a deep dive into the food trailer history, we’ll find that they were popularized by the movie theaters during the Great Depression. Interestingly enough, up until this point, movie theaters weren’t very fond of concession stands, but something gradually changed this — the economy.

During the Great Depression, businesses suffered the most, and the movie theaters were no exception to this. So what exactly helped them survive this economic downslide? Concession stands! In an era where the sales for movie tickets were going down, the sales for concession stands were increasing. This benefited both, the movie theaters, as well as the concessions stand owners.

So, what exactly does it say about the society that we live in? People can live without entertainment, but they won’t let go of an opportunity where they can grab tasty food at inexpensive prices. To be very honest, not much has changed. People still love food that tastes delicious and doesn’t cost a fortune!

Even though mainstream restaurants may serve food that tastes good, they can be very notorious when it comes to the prices! This is where concession trailers come into play.

Is Food Concession Trailer Future of Catering and Food

According to a report by Forbes, due to the lower levels of investment, any food trailer company, such as ours, can offer a food concession trailer in Michigan to their clients for much lesser prices than a traditional sit-down restaurant.

In addition to this, the services offered by such companies are much more customer-friendly. For example, we at Nagel’s Foods, offer customizable services, which mean that we can decorate our trailers and design our menus in ways that work immensely well with the sort of event you may be hosting. Along with this, we also offer mobile concession services, which mean that we bring our services to your venue! This isn’t typically something that people can avail from traditional restaurants and cafes.

All of these factors only seem to point at one thing — the future of concession trailers looks very promising! We hope that this blog provided you with a new and interesting outlook in regards to food trailers. If you have any query or a requirement for fabulous food trailers, then definitely reach out to us at Nagel’s Foods!


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