Nagel’s Foods offers food concession trailer in Michigan

Nagel’s foods offer food concession trailer in Michigan or food concessions Michigan . With our decades of experience in mobile catering, we have perfected a variety of food choices perfect for anything from music festivals to weddings. Here’s the food options we currently provide based on each specific food trailer and stand:

Elephant Ear Food Concession Stand or food concession trailer in Michigan

This food stand serves great, tasty festival type food for any event. As one of our most booked food stands, we continue to add to our menu. Currently, we serve:

  • Funnel cakes
  • Deep fried Oreos
  • Snickers on a stick

Sausage Trailer

This specific food concessions Michigan consists of great, hearty food that will satisfy just about any age of person. You’ll get the best of all worlds with this food selection. With this trailer, we currently serve:

  • Italian sausage sandwiches
  • Polish sausage sandwiches

+ with green onions and green peppers in a soft pub style roll

  • Regular and foot long hot dogs
  • Corndogs
  • French fries
  • Hamburgers
  • Ice cold drinks

Pizza Food Stand or food concessions

Who doesn’t love pizza and pretzels? With that in mind, we happily serve fresh made pizza hot from the oven, and sell them by the slice. In addition to pizza, we also serve hot pretzels with cheese. Just let us know the kind of toppings you like best on your pizza, and we’ll have fresh slices ready to serve.

Lemonade Drink Concession Stand or food concession trailer in Michigan

Mobile catering is not complete without the perfect drink. Old-fashioned lemonade is always a hit, especially during the summer months. When you book our lemonade drink stand, you’re guaranteed to have happy people at your party.